Sculpture unbound – Weereewa: A festival of Lake George…

14 04 2008

(above) Marianna del Castillo, Memoria 2008

(above) Alex Asch, Feral Gaze 2008

(above) Clare Martin, Level 2008

Jas Hugonnet (and Gilly, Max and Jack!)  walked the Shoreline Sculpture Trail across Lake George on the weekend and sent us some snaps to share. What an incredible gift Lake George is, for sight specific work!! What a great concept! What a bummer we didn’t go up and experience it, in the extended round, for ourselves! Ah well, we definitely  won’t miss out next year… 

The event, co-ordinated by Tony Steel, invited proposals from artists in all media – with a brief, obviously, to respond to the unique environment of Lake George. (So vast and eerie, says Jas. You betcha!!) How absolutely breath-catchingly fabulous.

Makes you re-think the whole civic/public art program scenario though. Does shoving a permanent hodgepodge of sculpture on pavements and street corners really constitute aesthetic enlightenment? Rarely, wethinks.

Give us fresh and immediate events like the Shoreline Sculpture Trail and Domain any day. With a spontaneous relevancy that unerringly connects and uplifts…

For more info regarding the Weereewa Festival and the Sculpture Trail, go to…



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