Postcard from Canada: from our favourite Norwegian, Lene Lunde…


(above) Lene at the early March opening of her exhibition in Oslo.

The Gang’s just received a lovely postcard from Lene Lunde, who is actually over in Black Diamond, Canada (35 minutes south of Calvary), putting in some concentrated hotshop time for Canadian glass duo Julia Reimer and Tyler Rock (who’s head of the glass program at the Alberta College of Art and Design – where, incidently, our old pal Natali Rodrigues works.)   [Hi, Nat!!  n(Ed)]

Lene, who will be working in Canada up until mid June, has just spent the Easter holiday weekend with Nat and her family (okay guys, where are the happy snaps…?) and it sounds as if she’s having a fabulous time all round.

Meanwhile she’s sent through some images of the work from her recent Oslo show – a wonderful excercise in serious playfulness if ever there was. Actually, we’re rather amazed – and frankly charmed – by the current, and entirely unconnected, synchronistic move by a number of artists towards varying degrees of toy inclusion. Perhaps it’s a healthy and perfectly natural reaction to the Establishment mob’s dreary practice of taking themselves so faffing seriously. [We live in hope…  n(Ed)]

Poor Lene did her back in the day before the exhibition opened, so was feeling horribly peaky at the launch. But she’s okay now, thank goodness, and throwing herself once more into the fray…we look forward to some cool Canadian pics…

For images of the work go to…

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