Who ate the Easter Bunny…?

24 03 2008


Easter Sunday went off with its usual bang at Wyndham – and all those cute ‘n fluffy little duckies and bunnies were front and centre on the luncheon table (and we’re not talkin’ the chocolate variety.) Megsie whipped up some ‘hot cross bunnies’, aka rabbit calzone, and Keithie put on the most luscious duck and cherry terrine we’ve chowed down on for a long time  – and that was just for starters! Over-indulgence was the order of the day, and everybody put in a sterling effort to comply – well done, chaps.

Grover won the Easter bonnet parade, followed very closely by Izzy. And in the oldies stakes, honorable mention went to Marcus’s ‘egg warmer’ (above) and Corker’s eco-conscious recycled Easter basket. Highlight of the afternoon was, of course, the continuation of the blokes’ perennial frisbee tournament (extra kudos for those who make it through the entire game drink still in hand.)

The ladies, of course, remained sensibly languid.

Happy snaps at…




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