Cuttagee Artists opening…

23 03 2008


Friday night saw the opening of the Cuttagee Artists exhibition at Bermagui (well, just south thereof to be more precise) – which meant, of course, our first sighting of Dira’s finished mosaic. It was also the Gang’s first outing to this annual bush event and we were quite amazed by the size of the crowd – mind you, it is a mere stroll down the track from the Four Winds concert…

Anyhoo, regardless of the hideous parking, it turned out to be a very arty-farty little scene indeed, with a veritable press of wannabe collectors and no shortage of the readies (we are reliably informed!) So here’s hoping this will translate into a sale for our mate Dira before the cognoscente leave town. We did notice that her piece was attracting a great deal of covetous attention, which does bode well…

And yep, you guessed it, not a shard of studio glass to be seen. [Hey Klausie, reminds me of Hamburg back in the mid 1960’s!  n(Ed)]

A smattering of snaps at…



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