24 hour c-k-Kulture marathon…

22 03 2008


(above) a real tough-titty kind of view.

Ginger, Graham and the Gang are just back from an action packed culture-in-the-fast-lane Sydderesque sojourn – a little something for everyone; high-brow, low-brow…and even some mono-brow tossed in for good measure.

We had exited the ‘Berra fairly early and made a beeline for Oxford St – for a strong morning coffee and meander down to Scott Chaseling’s latest solo exhibition, An Antipodean Journal, at Sabbia Gallery (which Megsie was  checking out for an article she might be doing a little later in the year.) Pretty interesting show actually, but more of that later in the week…we’ve whacked in a teaser snap for now, and a couple of favourite ‘others’ that we spied over in Sabbia’s ‘corner-shop’ section; a couple of Tom Moore’s pieces of pure joy and a set of Wendy Fairclough vessels. [It must be about time Wendy won the guernsey at the Ranamok, we reckon…n(Ed)]

Then we dashed across to Fox Studio to meet our little bro (Phil) who’s out here working on the latest Wolverine movie. Serious excitement, of course – but as cameras are strictly verboten on the set, and confidentiality an enforced by-law, we can’t tell you anything about the scenes they were filming, or the storyline (otherwise we’d have to kill you…straight after Phil had killed us…) Suffice to say it was all super cool. So anyhoo we watched some filming, had the yummiest lunch with the crew (crikey, those buggers eat well), watched a little more filming, and then left Ginger there – in total Hugh Jackman heaven! – for the rest of the day/night’s shoot while we high-tailed it over to the hotel to get tarted up for our big night out with…Ozzy Osbourne! Yep, Ozzy was on tour and the Gang was suitably pumped!!

Phil had booked us a room at the Shangri La with a view to die for, so we tossed down a pre-concert primer or four, and literally ogled the iconic panorama – Harbour Bridge, Opera House and, directly below, an incredible (colonial)archaeological dig. Can’t imagine it comes any better than that…

Ozzy, meanwhile, was playing out at Olympic Stadium so we heeded prevailing advice and caught a train – and headed towards what essentially morphed into a crowd scene from Mad Max. It was an absolute scream actually, although Ozzy himself was disappointingly inoffensive…no anti-social behavior to speak of whatsoever (no biting off bat heads and spitting them into the audience, nothin’…) But the music was great and the overall experience hugely entertaining (from an anthropological point of view, particularly!) We loved it.

And then we trained it back to the Shangri La for an after-concert-bevie-and-goss-session with Ginger and Phil, in his temporary (3 months or so!) home away from home, two floors up/same eat-ya-heart-out view…tough titties.

We had started the trip with all sorts of good intentions, ie. catching the Archibald and/or doing the MCA the following morning before heading back down the Hume (because we had to be back mid-afternoon for Graham to prep dinner at the Green Herring, of course…) But in the end we thought – stuff it, how often do we get an opportunity to eyeball Max Cullen and Hugh/Logan/Wolfie in action…huh? And how rarely do we get to see our little bro these days? So we sensibly opted for another serve of Wolverine and Phil instead! As you do.

Happy snaps at…




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