‘Sculpture on the Edge’ at Bermagui (part 3)…


The third component of the ‘Sculpture On The Edge’ fest was the symposium “Sculpture: Process and Passion” held at ‘Digadoo’ (a private property) on the Sunday.

And what a gorgeous setting for such an event – ‘Digadoo’, tucked into the rural Bermagui hinterland, boasts a beautifully maintained garden-slash-sculpture park and the dinkiest little auditorium you’ve ever seen. Add to that a program of engaging speakers (with Nigel Lendon as the key note), tea breaks on the deck, a picnic lunch in the glorious garden and the gaggle of empathetic ‘others’ (practitioners, collectors, curators, etc), and you wind up with a culturally informative and seriously enjoyable day.

The Gang, alas, couldn’t stay ’til stumps – we had house guests arriving – but we’d certainly like to thank the event co-ordinator Jan Ireland for a lovely day and, knowing the immense effort she must put into the complete ‘Sculpture On The Edge’ package, offer our hearty congratulations for a job exceedingly well done.

‘Sculpture On The Edge’ at Bermagui will most definitely be marked on our dance card from here on in. And how marvellous if it always falls on the Canberra long weekend – plenty of bods up there will appreciate an arty beach getaway, that’s for sure.

Snaps of the day at…


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