Curious sight #2 at the Candelo Market…

7 03 2008


The Puffing Billy at the Candelo Market has a bit of a design flaw, we reckon…

What on earth were they thinking?



5 responses

8 03 2008

Aghhh Megs… what would the world be without you… but shouldn’t that be Puffing Wilhelmina? Reminds me of the steamy scene in Almodovar’s “Talk to Her”, but that big simulated jubee, with her skrunken lover crawiong inside, had pubic hair…or at least black nylon twine. If the makers of Puffy Billy gave her that addition, I’d upgrade to a Good Australian Design Award.

8 03 2008

Sorry, that should be shrunken lover crawling

8 03 2008

Darling!! If only they had the wit…

9 03 2008
La Gropp

Megs…just logged on while working at the Library and have been stifling my laughter for the last fifteen minutes…not wishing to upset the diligent patrons and wet me self to boot! Too funny for words – should see if you can send an image to Woody Allen ala ‘Everything you always wanted to know about sex but were too afraid to ask’…is this what you could deem returning to the testis?

10 08 2011

OMG i spotted this exact thing at the Royal Hobart Show a few years back. Thought i was the only one who noticed it

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