The Q opening at Queanbeyhole…

5 03 2008

julie-ballis-painting.jpg   Julie Ballis, portrait of Sybilla Budd.

hiroe-swen.jpg hiroe-swen-2.jpg   Hiroe Swen’s work.

harriets-work.jpg     Harriet Schwarzrock’s A Common Thread, backdropped by Dennis Mortimer’s photographic work.                                

ralf-mariana.jpg holly.jpg michael-amanda.jpg   Folks


(above) Mitch with a Mariana del Castillo’s piece.

The Gang couldn’t make it to the grand opening at the Q (the new Queanbeyan Performing Arts Centre) but Luna very kindly sent these snaps through to share. Looked like a fair smattering of our fave artists – and obviously it’ll be marvellous to have another gallery venue in the region…(though we’re a bit anxious about those curtains in the background.)

Great to see Harry’s hearts getting another viewing – we love that piece.

Thanks Luna…



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