Poppy Benton at Narek…

4 03 2008


Last Saturday the Gang raced back from Canberra just in time to catch the opening of ceramicist Poppy Benton’s first solo show, Imbue, at Narek Gallery in Tanja.

Poppy was the recipient of the (inaugural) 2007 Far South Coast Living Artist Projects Scholarship; a locally generated non-government-funded scheme that  provides the financial support (to the tune of $35,000) to enable an emerging local visual artist to spend a year working full-time on their practice. 

Not only but also…

‘The winner will receive professional mentoring by a successful, well recognised artist in the relevant field of expertise and ongoing support in developing a body of work for presentation to the community in local gallery exhibitions or similar events.’  Bega District News, 25th January 2008.

…All in all it’s a pretty serious package.

Poppy was mentored by Alan Watt (the founding Head of the Ceramic Workshop at the ANU School of Art and now long-time resident of Tanja) for the duration of the endowment – which culminated in Saturday evening’s gala exhibition launch at Karen O’Clery’s prestigious Narek Gallery. A truly auspicious beginning in anybody’s language…

It was a very pleasant evening: a great show, a handful of old cronies and a big crowd of lovely people the Gang has yet to become acquainted with…

We particularly loved the door bitch (we use the term advisedly and in the nicest possible way), she surely symbolizes country living at its best. For happy snaps go to…


The exhibition is on until April 14th – for more info go to…




4 responses

5 03 2008
Blanche Tilden

Hey Megs
When I was 17 my parents moved to Goulburn, and I thought my life had ended … the shock was great! One of the places that got me through was Benton’s Cafe on the main street – owned by Jan and Chip Benton – they had 3 children – Tom, Emma and Poppy – is this the same Poppy Benton??? How amazing and fantastic!!!
Poppy’s mum and dad were very inspiring and encouraging of local artists – so it makes sense that one of their kids went on to work in Ceramics.
Do you know this family? Chip passed away a quite a few years ago – which I was very sad to hear – I think I could see Jan in one of the photos…
What a blast from the past…
Anyway – how the bloody hell are you now that you’re back down in Wyndham?
Love, Blanche

5 03 2008

Hey Blanchie,
I don’t know anything about Poppy’s background, but am guessing you’re on the right track – there was a brief mention of Goulburn in one of the press releases. Ah, it’s a small world…
Wyndham is gorgeous, though we’re wading through 12 years worth of spring cleaning – and don’t even mention the garden. Apart from that it feels as if the universe has finally come back into alignment again (all we have to do now is resolve that perennial question of an income…)
When are you coming up? n(Ed)

10 03 2008
poppy benton

yes iam jan and chip’s daughter iam sure that mum would love to hear from you( janbenton@iprimus.com.au)- she is still in taralga but comes down the coast to tanja abit. how is your sister going?
cheers poppy

10 03 2008
jan benton

Thrilled to hear of you blog comments from Poppy.
Can’t say how delighted I was by the connection after such a period of time but with so many enjoyable personal memories of you & the splendid
group of your friends whom attended Goulburn TAFE over those years + a memorable exhibition of your work at the cafe.
Poppy’s recent exhibition appeared to be successful – license for parental bias of course included!
If you feel comfortable about further communtication I would be delighted to hear from you. Much catching up to be had.
Fond regards Jan Benton

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