Chef’s Tour de Wyndham…

3 03 2008


The Gang’s been off the air for a few days – lots has been happening (we’ve done an exhibition dash between the ‘Berra and Tanja) but we’ve not been able to hit the computer before now ‘cos we’ve had house guests.

Our mate, and all-time fave chef, Graham Green (from the Green Herring restaurant at the Ginninderra Village came down for a brief coastal sojourn with daughters Jazz and Sach, so the food and wine fest’s been on for one and all (including our gourmand hounds.) Ah, it’s a tough life, we tells ya…

Meanwhile it was great to catch up with Graham, who’s not long back from his trip to merry old England. The bad news is that he liked it so much over there that he’s going back…permanently!! (Well – good news for him/bad news for his dedicated foodie-fans.) He’ll only be in Canberra for the remainder of the year, max. So get along to the Green Herring while you can, that’s our advice…



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