The art of quietude…


The Gang went back to CMAG to take in the Stephen Procter retrospective without all the social rigmarole of the opening. And we were delighted to find Lienors Torre there (taking snaps) because we’d missed catching up with her in the crush at the launch.

Lienors and husband Dan made the film that accompanies the exhibition which, along with a book of the same title, makes for a wonderful tribute to Stephen, his practice and his working philosophy. 

This exhibition has been a long time coming – but it was definitely worth the wait. Christine and her stalwart team of assistants deserve every accolade for this beautifully realised package (exhibition/film/book.) It is a perfectly balanced, sensitively handled homage to a loved and respected artist and mentor (who is still hugely missed by colleagues and students alike.) The great hope now is that funding can be found to travel it, both nationally and abroad.

We’ve taken snaps of the exhibition and the DVD for those too far distant to catch it in person. But we urge people to get along and see it in the flesh if possible – the photos barely capture the effective essence of the show…

A website has also just been launched – – and anybody wishing to purchase the book and/or DVD (both of which we highly recommend) should just follow the prompts.

The exhibition is on in Canberra until the 8th June. For relevant info go to…

And keep an eye out for the mid-year issue of Craft Arts International which features an article by Dan Klein about the Stephen Procter Fellowship, and a piece by Megsie regarding the CMAG exhibition-book-and-film combo.

Meanwhile for gallery snaps go to…

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