Trish Roan at Craft ACT…

trish-roan-3.jpg trish-roan.jpgtrish-roan-2.jpg

(above left) Trish Roan, One drop at a time, 2008, mixed media 

(above right) Trish Roan, What you sow, 2008, mixed media 

(bottom) Trish Roan, What you sow, detail.

Trish Roan has new work in the Crucible at Craft ACT, which is a perfectly scaled showcase for her delightfully (almost)Baconian practice. [For more background on Trish’s work go to ‘search’ for earlier post, Infinitesima: the art of curiosity.]

Meanwhile, thanks Jas for the press release string (below)…

Trish Roan presents a mixed media installation incorporating found objects and glass, that focuses on the processes of transference and transformation – a collection of objects and the relationships between them exploring the trace of an event or the marking of time. A collection about acknowledging the things that pass, the capacity to hold, the capacity to give.

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