A little soiree action in Ainslie…

19 02 2008


The Gang slipped into the ‘Berra at the weekend for a sayonara soiree, hosted by Babs and Jane to mark our shift to the coast. The gods were kind and delivered a sunny arvo, and Albie had invited Lola along so it was one of those lovely relaxed kids-and-doggy-friendly kind of doos (we love that.)

Highlight of the evening would have to be Jaqcue Gropps’s Pink Ned Kelly cake (above). She does a great line in cakes, does Jacque – and for this occasion she whipped up a ripper (and even had enough of that gorgeous persian fairy floss left over for Megsie to make a merkin….later in the evening, after the kiddies had gone home, naturally!)

It’s not a total goodbye, of course (quite the contrary!!) – rather just a broadening of the glasscentralcanberra coverage. The Gang will be based at the coast and swing up to Canberra regularly, when occasion demands. Meanwhile, of course, there’s such a sizable outpost of Canberra artists living down this neck of the woods that the flavour of the blog (Chateau de Sheep Dip) will hardly vary – at most it will become perhaps a little more relaxed and countrified [shades of Jane Austen, reckons Ging!] The wider cast will serve to highlight an already long-established and wonderfully robust Canberra-Far South Coast connection.

Anyhoo, back to the soiree – thanks so much to Barb and Jane for their great hospitality – we love youse guys…

For more party shots go to…




5 responses

20 02 2008
Barbara McConchie

Megs the party was a true delight and a pleasure to host as you know. The very distinctive photo let me say is all pain and definitely no glory aided and abetted by the plateful of watermelon – I mean you could write an essay about that image. What a night, I think there were definitely some more merkin photos that should not have been omitted, particularly when we are all suffering from bad photo-itis! come on own up we want more of the merkin shots featuring yours truly – the Megs!

20 02 2008

Well, that’s all very well and good Babsie, but we made the difficult editorial decision – out of consideration for finer sensibilities of our readership – to spare you all the shlock-horror of the Megsie merkin shots. Not because of the merkin, per se, but rather to cover up the gross and shameful extent of Megsie’s galloping obesity. One look at those photos (with our glasses on) and we slung her straight into the cells and sentenced her to a punishing diet of (no)bread and water…
Once she’s dropped sufficient flab we hereby give a faithful undertaking that she’ll re-stage the merkin scenario (we’ll even chuck in those pasties you brought back from New York!) and we’ll publish the evidence post haste.
We’re more than happy to prove beyond doubt that Megsie truly is a natural pink – but we don’t want to frighten the poor bloody horses…

20 02 2008
Barbara McConchie

Well lets hope the Megs is on a gruelling military boot camp within those cells forth with because whilst it is all very well to see the pink colour match of head hair and ned cake (courtesy of the talented Jacqui), just knowing for sure that she is a true pink who can swing her pasties with the best of them is sure to be one helluva picture.

20 02 2008

Yerse…and we may well live to regret our intemperate commitment….


21 02 2008
Barbara McConchie

oh man I can’t wait….

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