‘Hunks’: the de-install, art handling 101…




The Gang bolted back to our hinterland hideout today, immediately following the de-install of the Hunks of Glass show – and so we’re back in the loving arms of our comfy editing suite…Ausglass 2008 is now almost a distant memory (or it will be, once we finish posting all those remaining visuals!)

Working on Hunks was an absolute blast, and it was really gratifying to see the show so wonderfully received. (Though – given the three artists featured – it was a bit of a lay down misere.)

Those who attended the exhibition will be only too aware that Masa’s work drew unmitigated expressions of awe (how on earth does he do that?) followed immediately by concerns about handling (how the hell does he move them?) And folks were, to a man, quite incredulous when we told them he just lugged ’em in from the car…

So we thought we’d furbish the proof – above is a squizz at Masa carrying the work back out to the car during this morning’s de-mount…

See…piece of cake(!!!)

Hey Mas, you’re a legend.

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