Get ya gear orf…


photoshoot-brenden-3.jpgphotoshoot-brenden-2.jpgphotoshoot-brenden-1.jpgBrenden Scott French

photoshoot-masa-3.jpgphotoshoot-masa-1.jpgphotoshoot-masa-2.jpgMasahiro Asaka

photoshoot-tevita-1.jpgphotoshoot-tevita-3.jpgphotoshoot-tevita-2.jpgTevita Havea

The Gang’s heading for the ‘Berra for a couple of days gallery sitting followed by the de-install of Hunks so, not being able to blog for a few days, we thought it best to leave you with a something to go on with…

The photo-shoot for the Hunks of Glass exhibition (held way back, at the the beginning of October) was loads of fun – well for the Gang, at least!! We couldn’t bring it to you before now… we didn’t want to spoil the surprise, obviously.

The boys – Brenden Scott French, Masahiro Asaka and Tevita Havea – all of whom are inordinately modest blokes (and light-years away from the self-promoting/celebrity/vanity game), were great sports on the day and morphed into the perfect trio of spunky-funk-stars.

Special thanks go to the man behind the camera, Rene Lawler (who’s also joined our list of favourite hunks!)


(We’ll be back with the rest of the Ausglass social rounds  – still got Saturday to go!! – and a squizz at some more glass just as soon as we possibly can…ciao for now.)

2 thoughts on “Get ya gear orf…

  1. Dear Megs,

    Who else can I turn to daily for a dose of hunky lads, a what’s-on around town, and juicy goss straight from the bone. I love it! More, More More…as Kylie would say.

    Love to you.


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