Auglass Conference Canberra 2008: last Friday…


The Gang spent most of the day Friday burning around town organising the grog and food and setting up for the spunky Hunks opening and after-party. Lotsa love and thanks go to Danno and Brucie from All Bar Nun (the spunkiest bar in town) for both the donation and delivery of the keg of Coopers – it goes without saying that it went down a treat! And thumbs up to good old Megsie who’d been up ’til 1am the night before whipping up the paté. A swing through the cheese room at that beaut grocer’s in Manuka, a cartload of bread and a huge sieve of blood plums from Jas’s backyard (thanks Jas!!) took care of the rest of the tucker, and after a late arvo dash to Gungahlin Local Liquor for bubbles/vino/ice (thanks for the discount Justin!) the Gang was finally sufficiently abreast of things to…

… join the throng in downtown Civic for the start of the evening’s progressive exhibition launch/marathon. It started at CMAG with the opening of Stephen Procter: Lines Through Light, worked its way upstairs to Craft ACT for the double-whammy Gather and Mamana Mamanta and then wended its way across to ANCA in Dickson for the Hunks of Glass show and fall-about. (For the purposes of this post, we’ll only cover the social aspect of the night – we’ll bring you a recce proper of the CMAG and ANCA shows a little further down the track. See previous posts for the Craft ACT offering.)  

We did a quick flick’n’flash around the first two happenings before high-tailing it back to ANCA to meet our favourite sound engineer/arts entrepreneur, the spunky Nigel McCrae, who was setting up the PA for those drop-dead-gorgeous O’Hooligan boys, our spunky band for the night. And then of course the crowd soon caught up, and the exhibition was formally opened by the original Hunk of Glass, our favourite old spunk Klaus (okay, okay enough of the spunks already – but you get the picture, right?)…

Anyway, all said and done it was a really fabulous evening, and the after-party finished it off with plenty of bang. We should at this juncture point out that the Hunks party had not been organised by Ausglass; it was an entirely indie/fringe affair – to which all and sundry were of course sincerely welcome. We figured the poor buggers at the conference could probably do with one evening, at least, where they could have a good time without being obliged to keep digging into their pockets…(a little resurrection of the old spirit of hospitality and generosity wouldn’t go astray in future, we reckon.) 

Many thanks to the willing hands on the night – most specifically Amos, Netty and Annie M – who manned the bar and kept the good cheer flowing.  

Happy snaps at…(though, having our hands a little full, we missed many of you, sorry)

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