Ausglass Conference Canberra 2008: last Wednesday…


(Above) David and Margaret checking out Mel Douglas’s work at Beaver Gallery.

Well the Gang has finally beaten a retreat to Wyndham after a frenetic week in the ‘Berra and we can now turn our full attention to bringing you a review of the general shenanigens. We must confess, though, that we didn’t do the Conference proper (just reading the program put us to sleep quite frankly…and besides, we had to gallery sit the Hunks show in any case), but we certainly did the rounds of most of the openings and managed to catch up with all our favourite pals.

Wednesday night was the precurser of things to come (registration for the conference commenced the next day); Beaver Gallery launched a double banger show featuring Mel Douglas and Mel George/Jeremy Lepisto, and the usual list of suspects turned up to get some swilling practice under their belts for the looming long weekend.

Both Mels (affectionately known as Big and Little Mel to avoid confusion) are Canberra gels of course, but Mel G now lives in Portland, Oregon, where she runs Studio Ramp with husband Jeremy Lepisto (who the Gang had the good fortune to run across at Pilchuck a coupla times – he’s a great bloke.) We always like catching up with these guys – they’re genuinely nice people…and, it goes without saying, we’re into their work as well!)

So it was the beginning of the rolling interstate invasion/reunion: Netster was back from Adelaide, along with Hils, Vicky and Stephen…Maureen, Damien and Michelle formed an advance party for the Victorians…Lee blew in from Sydders…

But it was, for the most part, the regular Beaver crowd.

Check ’em out at…

2 thoughts on “Ausglass Conference Canberra 2008: last Wednesday…

  1. The photog just asked the question-“If you could smash any piece of art, which one would you choose?”

  2. Is that a trick question darling – in an archival sense? Do you mean from the linked snaps? Nope, just had a look and they’re only of peeps, so I’m figuring you’re speaking generally….? Are we talking famous works, or local stuff? Gimme a cue, ‘cos there are lots of possible answers, with innumerable loadings. Or is it just a hypothetical “would you smash a piece of art if you thought it was shite/offensive, or if you were pissed, or if you were throwing a major tanty”? Must say that I loved the scene in that Vin Diesel movie (was it X Factor?) when the baddies were using vintage venetian glass for their ten pin bowling. Sweet.

    Actually, I have to confess that ordinarily I’m kid gloves when it comes to art. Too much respect for the trials and tribulations of the maker. n(Ed)

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