Canberra glass goes radioactive…

uranium-glass1.jpg     wax-poo-21.jpg

kiln2.jpg     pre-coldworking3.jpg

Who would have thought, with such a plethora of “superior” glass around the traps, that so much interest should be engendered by Megsie’s uranium poo! Well we understand it, of course, because we have a natural scatological bent and a whimsical – nay, downright capricious – outlook on life. But we never really expect other people to share, or even ‘get’, our somewhat perverse and wayward perspective (though we’re always quite tickled when they do.)

So for those of you who want to know, Megan (Megsie) Bottari’s НАСЛЕДИЕ ГОВАРДА (Howard’s Legacy) 2007 is cast from Gaffer uranium glass, which glows (ominously, in the case of the faeces) under UV light. The work addresses the perfidious contract, signed by Howard and Putin at the Sydney APEC summit late last year, permitting the sale of our uranium to the Ruskies  – thus dooming us all to a future of radioactive excrement. (And let’s not even think about the attendant government agency monitoring…)

Jesus wept! – how short is our faffing memory? It wasn’t that long ago that the high moral ground of the anti-nuclear policy was so hard fought for. It’s a travesty, we tells ya!

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13 thoughts on “Canberra glass goes radioactive…

  1. this is for megan bottari (aka meggsie etc). you probably don’t remember me, but for some reason i just decided to google you and catch up….congratulations, loved it all. good on you etcetc. email me please!!!!!!!!

  2. Eden!!! How lovely to hear from you. Will email you as soon as I get a chance – just got a bit of backlog to sort out(!!) Would love to catch up. n(Ed)

  3. Megan…just saw Klaus at GAS…he told me to Google you and here you are!
    His exhibit is wonderful at the Portland Art Museum…I’d hoped you might be there. Several people from our Pilchuck class were to see all…would love to catch up! Terri J

  4. Hey darl,
    you might have to come downunder!! Had a lovely catch-up with Steve a coupla months ago. Grey Goose dirty martini is still my fave!! n(Ed)

  5. Hi Megan..

    We will actually be coming downunder in a year or so…my husband will do some fishing and we’ll be checking out both glass and wine…a dirty Grey Goose still my fav too! Will look forward to catching up!


  6. Hi,

    I wondered if I could ask a technical question? It looks like you used blowing rods to cast with and I wondered if you used this pure or diluted it with casting glass at all?

    Many thanks,

    Rachel (Radioactive wannabe from Scotland!)

    • Yes, I did use blowing rods – Gaffer. But there was no mixing/diluting etc with casting glass because, of course, apart from any other consideration, it wouldn’t be compatible. Don’t ever feel restricted to ‘casting glass’ perse, any glass can be cast – just depends on the end result/finish you’re looking for. n(Ed)

  7. Thanks for your quick response, I’ve heard that you can dilute gaffer blowing rod with casting glass as long as it doesn’t make up more than 5-10% of the overall weight used, but I’m gonna have a play.


    Rachel x

    • Let us know how it pans out. We err on the cautious side as a rule, but we’d be happy to stand corrected. John Croucher is a great fund of technical info – and very approachable – you could try him. n(Ed)

  8. Hello,

    I’ve done a few test casting the gaffer uranium blowing rod, and I was wondering if you could enlighten me, the top temperature and annealing temperatures you cast at, as mine are appearing to have major stresses in the objects.


    Grae (another, Radioactive wannabe from Scotland!)

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