Stephen Procter’s Rocky Hall…

6 01 2008


Before the Xmas break the Gang went out to Frog’s Hollow to visit Christine Procter for a chat regarding a piece that Megsie will be writing (about Stephen’s practice/upcoming retrospective exhibition/book launch) for the July issue of Craft Arts International.

We got out there a nanosecond before the Canberra Museum and Gallery mob arrived to pack up the work selected for the exhibition Stephen Procter: Lines through Light, which will be showing at CMAG during the Ausglass conference later this month. It was lovely to spend time in the studio with Christine – looking through Stephen’s sketchbooks, getting reacquainted with his work and reminiscing about ‘the good old days’. (The Gang was fortunate enough to have caught the last couple of years of Stephen’s tenure as Head of Workshop at the ANU School of Art’s Glass Workshop…)

One of the many things that drew our attention was a line of oil paintings that literally ringed the room…strangely familiar, we mused to ourself – until Christine solved the puzzle for us…the series had been painted down at Sancy’s, at Rocky Hall. Ah, of course (the Gang’s own stamping ground!) 

So yesterday, when Jacqu and the Gang drove back through Rocky Hall to Wyndham (having spent the arvo swimming at Marcus and Helen’s fabulous waterhole) we stopped to take some snaps in the general vicinity of those very paintings. Different weather and atmospherics, naturally – but the rhythm of the place remains so true. Simply gorgeous.

More studio pics at…

Meanwhile, whatever else you do, don’t miss the CMAG show – which will feature two additional Procter treats; the launch of both the book (essay by Dan Klein) and the movie (filmed by Lienors and Dan Torre).

The exhibition will open on the evening of Friday January 25th and run through to the 8th of June.



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