New Year’s Day at Eden…

2 01 2008


The Gang, Pa and the sheilas (Jacqu & Luna) spent yesterday on the wharf at Eden, hopping into our tried and true New Year’s Eve cure-all…fish’n chips and Tatt.

Always does the trick, we find. Perfeck.



2 responses

3 01 2008
Blanche Tilden

Hey Meggs
Oh darling – the sweet irony of it all is that Marcus and I were in Eden on New Years Day!! driving home the long way from Sydney – I was trying your mobile as we got to Bega – you had it switched off or more likely out of range I guess – went into Bega Woolworths and looked up Bottari in the local phone book – no listing – called directory assistance – no listing – felt bad and sad as we went past the Wyndham turnoff – didn’t want to rock up unnanounced on New Years Day as the sun wasn’t over the yard arm, and so I thought it was too early for unexpected visitors – so then we kept going and STOPPED IN EDEN for a swim and some lunch – I had my eyes peeled half expecting to see you in the main street … and bugger me rotten – YOU WERE THERE!! Such a shame we missed eachother
Happy New Year darling!
See you at Ausglass
There is no rest for the wicked here at Hacienda with hundreds of aluminium parts to be anodised, thousands of glass parts to be pressed – all in the filthy heat – with only the bird bath of the bay to cool off in!
getting ready for General Assembly @ Ausglass + a little bit of Carte Blanche. Thoughts of the Sapphire Coast will keep me going
Hope you are having a great holiday, hi to Pa et al
Love, Blanchie xxx

3 01 2008

I can’t believe that – what a bummer. But actually I tossed my mobile out when I was down in Melbourne earlier in the year, so it’s a dodo. And the telephone listing here has definitely been changed back to our name – so directory assistance gave you a bum steer as well. Un-bloody-believable.
Ah, never mind, there’ll be a next time…
Happy New Year to you both, and lotsa love, and we’ll see ya in the ‘Berra in a coupla weeks. n(Ed)
PS we were swimming at Wapengo today and stuffing ourselves with oysters – heaven!

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