Post xmas round-up…


Christmas at the Gang’s was…

  • Momentary alarm on Xmas eve:  just on dusk, with two cars loaded to the gunwhales with animals and gear (and a mere 20 minutes and the Darragh between us and home) we caught sight of what appeared to be a gaggle of Santas up ahead, pulling over cars at Cathcart. Jeez, we thought, the bloody coppers are getting a bit cheeky this year or what! But no; it turned out to be the citizenry of Cathcart itself, lined up along the road handing out lollies and spreading good cheer. Good on ’em we thought – nothing quite like a crowd of beer-chugging Santas to get you into the chrissie spirit! Our abiding regret is that we didn’t take a photo (well, we were anxious to get down the mountain, and there was a vague undercurrent of ‘The Moonspinners’…)
  • A happy morning of (telephone-punctuated) cooking
  • Christmas cocktails in Liz Kelly tumblers
  • Doggy prezzy frenzy (the pussies had gone into preliminary hiding)
  • Hitting an empty beach mid-afternoon
  • Coming home to a lovely long bubble bath (with champers and holiday book…perfeck!)
  • A quiet evening of DVD’s (good old christmas booty – hey Nige, we gave Pa Deadwood!)
  • A middle of the night phone call from SammyJo in Prague
  • Boxing Day arrival of Shay and Les
  • A mountain of Eden mussels, a bucket of exemplary red and…
  • Yet another #*%! day on a #*%! empty beach

Ah well, what can ya do? Life is a beach, they reckon. The odd snap only (we were too busy just enjoying it all) at…

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