The office christmas party…


(above, l-r) Barbara, Gordon, Jules, Irene, Cindy, Patsy, Nige, Helen, Lia and Sal.

Yesterday was the Gang’s last office xmas lunch with what used to be called ‘the director’s suite’ but is now the more clunky ‘head-of-school’s suite’, aka the front office. It was held out at the Green Herring restaurant at the old Ginnindera Village – our fave venue for such events, ‘cos the food’s so good.

The Gang arrived a little late – in a miasma of parfum de petrol, having encountered a slight(!) car problem along the way – but still in good time for the main course, the speeches, the prezzie frenzy…and the all-important pud.

It was a very civilised affair, full of bonhomie and superior tipple…all in all a most fitting wind-up for the working year.

More snaps at…

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