Last day of work with Nigel…


(above) Marcel Duchamp, Slim Barrie, Trev Clay.

Yesterday was the Gang’s last day of gainful employment with Nigel, at the ANU School of Art. Today we woke up ‘a good for nuthin’ drop-out.’ Feels pretty damn fine!!

But we are going to miss Nige, that’s for sure – he was a top boss. And we’re actually going to miss the office, too – well, the artwork at least! It’s been a great environment aesthetically; an office that’s actually a pleasure to walk into – now there’s a concept.

4 thoughts on “Last day of work with Nigel…

  1. Thanks darl, and thanks so much for all your support.
    glasscentralcanberra will continue unabated, of course (apart from a wee slow down over Christmas) – in the words of the great late Don Chipp, ‘somebody’s got to keep the bastards honest.’
    Meanwhile I’ll see you on the beach, for champers and oysters…

  2. impassive in the face of provocation! implacable in the fight against humbug! modest in the war against hype! irrepressible in the stand against the Owellianesque! (PS that last advice I chose not to use). what an act to follow! Thanks Megs we need more of you…

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