There is a God!!! Libs totally lose plot…


(above image from the honorable member’s website)

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse for the imploding Libs, they execute the perfect nose dive by electing Brendan ‘Nob’ Nelson as their new leader…we laughed so hard we nearly wet ourselves!

Have they gone barking mad?

We’re transported with glee, of course, cos it is the icing on the cake – but we’re actually starting to feel a little embarrassed for them now. It’s beyond tragic…

4 thoughts on “There is a God!!! Libs totally lose plot…

  1. Hey Megs
    It is tragic and embarrasing … and exactly who the liberal party deserves! Brooom Brooom!!
    Who got the Arts Portfolio in the new Ruddite ministry? I watched the ABC last night – didn’t say that Garrett got it – Arts didn’t rate a mention …

  2. Yeah Blanchie, snap! – that’s exactly what I was wondering, and while watching the ABC last night! Looks like we’re into a spooky synchronicity.

    But there was no mention of the Arts. I hope they’re not gunna do another ‘me-too’ism and leave it languishing in the twilight zone, overseen by a Mr Beige Invisible, like the bloody Liberals did.

    Kev looks suspiciously like a bloke whose aesthetics run to flower paintings and soft, pretty landscapes. (He is a Queenslander, after all.) It mightn’t augur well. I’m praying like hell to be proven wrong. n(Ed)/Megs(!!)

  3. Jesus, don’t go there!

    But actually, now that you mention it…
    Note to Brendan and/or his minders: we respectfully suggest you remove that photo from your website. PRONTO. n(Ed)

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