Election day wash-up…no scum left in sink!!


Well, the frenzy of Election Day has come and gone and, frankly, the Gang needed a bit of a big-girl’s-lie-down on Sunday…hence the delay in the post.

Well, Well, Well. Labor finally got a hard-on. How marvellous. Of course, Club Kev now has to pull up its sleeves and do the hard yards, but jolly good show nonetheless. And hoorah for those mighty sheilas!! We love youse, Julia and Maxine!!

The Gang had a big day of it (as one might expect!); Ginger’s vote in the morning, election lunch and voting in Queanbeyhole, Ginger’s formal in the evening, and (the cherry on top) Backyard Backanalia-Electionalia that night.

The Backanalia crew had set up a tally room in the garden shed (and another screen near the ‘poets corner’) so the backyard was fully plugged-in to all the action. And it’s just as well Labor won – it would have been a tragic scene otherwise. Nobody but nobody was fessing up to having Liberal Party sympathies on the night…

(…and, by the by, we’ve decided that the Liberals are way overdue for a name change – it’s far too confusing for outsiders, who quite naturally assume that the party’s name is a literal reflection of its credo. We suspect that’s how the Libs manage to swing chunks of the migrant vote – people mistakenly thinking that the party’s politics are liberal. Which the shonky back-room bastards have no doubt factored in…)

The O’Hooligan’s finished the night off with a bang, accompanied by plenty of hootin’ and hollerin’ from the ‘pinch-me-is-it-real’ crowd.

Snaps of the day at…


The sight of Little Johnny cacking his dacks in public was truly something to behold – and what a mean and nasty little cusser he is, giving Peter Costello the classic kiss of death before vacating the room. We’re no fan of Costello’s, quite the contrary – but we have to admit that, momentarily, we actually felt a twinge of pity for him. That last emphatic endorsement from a sinking, has-been Howard was nothing short of the final death blow for long suffering Pete. It knackered him.

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