It’s here!!! Election day…


(above) Ginger’s first-time vote.

Well, it has arrived – Election day has finally dawned and there’s a certain frisson of  fevered anticipation in the air…

Ginger has already been down to cast her vote (she’s registered in the ACT) and the Gang’s about to head across the state line, to Queanbeyhole, to vote in our electorate of Eden-Monaro. It’ll be a huge day – so stay tuned for a lengthy visual post (including Backyard Backanalia’s Electionalia session this evening…)

There’ll be plenty of wailing and keening and gnashing of teeth if those bloody Liberals get back in, don’t you worry about that. And we wish to declare – right here, right now – that if that bloody little-johnny-howard and those conniving, manipulating bastards do manage to crawl their way back, we’re gunna pull up stumps and move to the country…and we’re not kidding.

(…yeah, yeah, okay, so we’re doing that anyway! Ha, Ha!!)

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