ArtWranglers Mark III…


(above) the vibrant work of Rachel Jessie-Rae O’Connor, on show at ArtWranglers.

Back to the previous fortnight’s round-up… 

Going down the coast for the Wyndham Art Show meant that the Gang had to forgo the treat of ArtWranglers third ‘At Home’, which features the work of Rachel Jesse-Rae O’Connor. We gather from the rash of red dots (when we dropped by a week later) that it had patently been a very successful evening all round. Fair enough and all.

(Nige will surely miss it when it comes down – it so perfectly complements his pillars of plastic. And the foyer piece seems custom-made for that fabulous orange wall…And did we detect a hint of Mecca in one of the works…!?)

No mug-shots, boo hoo, but you can squizz more work at…

Meanwhile all interested punters can get the good oil from the horse’s mouth at 

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