VALE NEDDY – The Ned is dead, long live the Ned…


(Top left) the home work-station in deepest mourning; the screen so dark and sombre…a fitting reflection of our sorrowful hearts (but mainly because it’s not bloody working!!), (right) Gary Palacek’s ceramic Ned at Craft ACT’s Xmas show (which opened yesterday), and (above) Megsie’s cast crystal miniature Kelly Mask, 2004.

Today is the most significant day in the Kelly Gang’s calendar. The 11th of the 11th is more than just Rememberance Day for us – it’s the day they hung our Ned (back in 1880). So spare him a thought and a prayer. We loves ya, Neddy! Your spirit lives on…

Klausie also tells us that the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month marks the beginning of Carnival in Germany – so it seems doubly fitting that we should stage a mini mask fest…

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