No pumpkins this halloween…


(top) Megsie’s cultural tour, (above) Charlie Sofo’s match-head piece.

More horrors, darlings, with the old computer, hence those odd tantalising photographs with no explanation and an uncharacteristic silence from the coal face. We’re going to have to cobble together from various locations until we’re fully up and running again. So, sorry about the four day old news – ah doesn’t matter, just pretend you’re at the doctor’s surgery thumbing through a dog-eared, old, crusty mag….there’s more to come, of course.

Halloween didn’t bring any tricks this year but it did bring a bit of a double treat; a reception at the American Embassy (where the ambo’s wife, Mimi McCallum, very kindly gave the Gang a quick whip around her private collection, including a treasured wall-piece by her favourite Alaskan glass artist), followed by a sprint across to ANCA, Dickson, for Pam Kleeman’s Are You Being Served exhibiton. 

Our enthusiasm for the latter, we must confess, really had more to do with Charlie Sofo’s arriverderci-Canberra show, Something Like a Human, which he was staging in his studio out the back – he’s pulling up stumps and heading off to Melbourne to follow his fortuna. Suffice to say that the works were being snapped up by canny collectors left, right and centre. Anybody who’s interested in more info apropos his move and representation, go to

Snaps of the highlights, including the fecal matter (generations of arse-wiping hand tuggery), can be viewed at

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