The Gang’s big Sydney adventure…Part 2

22 10 2007


Above (top) part of Guan Wei’s installation, (bottom) Sam Tupou, Anniversary Skulls.

The Gang and Jacque gave the next day a bit of throttle with a serious coffee at Bar Coluzzi before trawling the streets for somewhere that served eggs Benedict with a hollandaise that didn’t come from a bottle. No joy it seemed. Anyhoo, we eventually took ourselves off to Glebe – by which time we were so hungry that we just gave up and bowed to the inevitable…

A certain ennui had set in, due in part perhaps to the exuberance of the night before, and we had no inclination to bust a gut checking out any of the cultural hotspots per se – although we did feel that we ought to take the opportunity to see something while we were away in the big smoke. So we compromised and decided to swing past the Cambelltown Art Centre – Nigel had recommended the News from Islands exhibition  showing out there at the moment – and, after all, it was on the way home…

Well, thank god we did. Our ambivalence was smartly kicked to the kerb – it’s a ripper of a show (far more engaging and exciting than the Culture Warriors triennial, sorry chaps). More alive, somehow. We took lots of snaps, and to our shame didn’t record all the artists’ names (and so can’t correlate them all to the work, mea culpa) but anybody wanting additional information should go to…

And we had the added bonus of catching a glimpse of Tevita in the gallery’s Community Arts Project video – so it turned out to be an absolutely perfeck little deviation.

Then it was time to hack a track back to the ‘Berra – lured of course by the promise of some really specko evening entertainment; the seasonal kick-off of Backyard Bacchanalia, a fabulous underground music scene (run by Nigel Mcrae) that crops up monthly from now until about March. All live, original, local (yes, Canberra) musicians, and a poets’ corner thrown in to boot.

We weren’t too sure about blogging it; we’ve had too many situations where we’ve raved about our favourite places only – of course – to have them overrun by absolute tossers who thereafter completely ruin it for us…Ah dear, what to do?! Even the camera was hesitant – couldn’t get it to work at first and ended up pushing buttons like a pac-man, partly out of exhaustion and partly ‘cos we were blind without our glasses. So it was a while before a very nice young fellow took pity on this silly old dinasaur and sorted the out the gizmos for us. (The black and white shots were taken before the rescue!!) Not many pics, we just couldn’t stay the full distance, too buggered. But we’re so glad it’s back…

Speaking of which, our other favourite hangout is also about to crank it up for the season – the Dickson Pool opens in a coupla weekends, hooray! Shay’s busily preparing it as we speak….

Highlights of the day are at…

The only bummer of our little excursion was that half way back we realised we hadn’t rung our good mate Katie, for a little catch-up…serious oversight.



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