Pecha Kucha comes to Canberra…

27 09 2007


The global phenomenon that is Pecha Kucha (see has finally hit downunder, and last night we were treated to the launch of the Canberra chapter. It’s a ‘show and tell’ event that caters more specifically to the designer/architect mob, but is inclusive of other complementary arts media, photomedia particularly. Held at Knightsbridge in Braddon, the evening’s program was a series of presentations from a diverse group of design industry types – each allowed only 20 seconds x 20 images to get up and strut their stuff to a packed house of interested onlookers. It’s a very cool concept – hip bar, hip dudes, hip visuals. Very entertaining and engaging. The fast and furious stricture put on the presentations is key to the success – avoids proceedings getting bogged down and/or dreary, and stops it just short of being too tossy. The slide-show is suddenly over before you know it (cleverly measured, ‘cos it leaves you wanting more) and then everybody gets down to drinking and networking. Perfeck!

Last night had everything from the art director of Pol Oxygen showing stuff from Milan, to local doof-doof photography, to international mag illustrating, to architectural commissions, to found-readymade sculpture (our Jas), and so much more. And lots of cool freebies, as in Pol Oxygen magazines and Aesop body products – gotta love that!

It’s intelligent and sophisticated entertainment, and well worth keeping an eye open for  upcoming events. The Kelly Gang went with Jas (Hugonnet, curator at Craft ACT) who was one of the inaugural presenters, and have to confess that we’re kinda hooked. It’s a fascinating social study apart from anything else, which always pulls us in – a touch of Ab Fab, even. And have you ever noticed how many architecture and design industry types are called Marcus and Nick…

The mugshot parade is at…



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5 08 2010
Susan Theron


I bumped into you at last nights design magazine opening at the gallery. I received another newsletter today from Metropolitan works in Londonwhich I mentioned to you last night. This jogged my memory that Id said I’d send you a link. A quick google found your wordpress website – here is a link to Metropolitan works, they have a great programme FYI


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