It’s all in the process…

Everybody has been so keen to know the genesis of the ca-ca that we felt beholden to reveal all. After all, the very philosophy of the Studio Glass movement itself was predicated on an open-handed fraternal exchange of technique and information – and we all know that there’s absolutely no place (morally) for secrecy in contemporary glass…

So we’ve put together a set of process shots that will walk you through the entire production; from the wax pot, to the hand moulding, through the steaming(s) and casting, to the hand-lapping, to the the robust in-house critique session…right up to the eventual installation in the gallery.

Please feel free to float any questions that might arise…

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2 thoughts on “It’s all in the process…

  1. This is a very timely post! I am comforted by the fact that they are imaginary specimens. I imagine doing burn outs with the real thing for model making would clear out any workshop quick smart! A good way to clear any queues for machines in a coldshop?

  2. Yes, people certainly strike a very stand-offish pose when confronted with them on a workbench. It’s hilariarse, really. Makes for a rather interesting performance component in the work. It’s particularly fascinating to watch how people react in the gallery too. Some are drawn to play with it, others opt for a photo opportunity and squat over it, some ignore it entirely, others flee in horror. Makes for a classic social study…we really ought to leave a camera in there. n(Ed)

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