Nigel has just sent his latest post from Iran, with the accompanying observation… “Í didn’t know Nick Mount did installations!”

And would you believe it…the Gang happens to be in Adelaide at this precise moment in time and so we have the splendid happenstance of Nigel, his old pal Nick, and the Gang actually crossing bows slap bang on Nigel’s birthday!!! In fact we were on the verge of sending Nige a birthday greeting when his post arrived. What a happy coincidence. 

We’re off to Klausie’s opening tonight, Nige –  and then following up with dinner –  so we’ll be sure to raise a glass or four with Nick in honour of your petit anniversaire (you’re getting younger by the minute!) Cheers!!

Meanwhile, the Gang’s in the throes of posting yesterday’s big day out with The Leader of the Free Glass World in this, the City of Churches…but we’re just struggling a little with the logistics of being so far removed from our own computer/system/comfort zone. As soon as we figure out how the hell to resize our images for Flickr without access to Photoshop we’ll be off and running like a startled gazelle…(stand by, but it may take all day!!) 

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