One for the coprophiles…


Settings opened at Craft ACT last Thursday night, and it’d be safe to say that the exhibition is a diverse beastie, to be sure. From Lisa Owen Burke’s giant, hybrid budgie-smuggler, to Chris Fortescue’s referential ode to Krazinski and Heizer, to Paull McKee’s  touchingly familiar ‘make-do’ homeless shelter, to Megsie’s cast crystal faeces (which can safely be described as being a total cack) it’s a really cool show – somewhat on the contemporary art side of craft practice, so be warned. Anybody looking for the safe and conventional object show won’t get any joy here.

The exhibition was opened by Ross Feller, Architect RAIA, with a wonderfully entertaining speech, and a happy night was had by (almost) all. The po-faced biddies were easily out-numbered though, and it’s always gratifying to see people playing spontaneously with the artwork…

The camera was playing up again, so apologies to those who’ve missed the mug parade. We can report, though, that there was a good deal of blurry action going on, and a very odd glow emanating from the ca-ca. A halo, no less – we kid you not! Spooky.

Happy snaps on…

3 thoughts on “One for the coprophiles…

  1. I got a bit worried when I first saw this crystal crap, remembering the origins of the kewpies and people contributing their own lifelike versions…tell me these are not cast from life, please?! I remember the nobs gave a little T.M.I about their contributors, this is a whole new ballgame! hehe

  2. No Escapee, these are not cast from life – though it’s a kind of weird compliment that people think that they are!! Most assume that they’re burn outs, but no – they’re the ridgy-gidge authentically hand-crafted object. Serious skill and aforethought…all that stuff. In fact we’ll post the process shots by the end of the week, we promise.
    I’m not sure that the nob scenario would have worked with the ca-ca. Blokes don’t mind playing with their old fellas but they get really shy about sharing their poo, in public at any rate. n(Ed)

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