ArtWranglers has it all tied down…

27 08 2007


Last Friday saw the launch of the ArtWranglers blog and business (a comprehensive arts service providing artist representation, collection and exhibition management, condition reporting, art authentication….you name it, they do it) and their inaugural show At Home: an exhibition of images of hands, featuring the work of Axel Poignant, Ben Gauchi, Jon Rhodes, William Yang, Maryam Rashidi, Patsy Payne, Patrick Hartigan, and Catherine Rogers.

ArtWranglers Director Willameena Gentle and consultant Nigel Lendon threw a celebratory reception to ‘christen’ the multi-dextrous venture, inviting the movers and shakers of the arts establishment to both enjoy the exhibition and to meet their ‘stable’, their blog team and, most importantly, the blog itself… 

Peter Fay gave the speech and formal benediction, and a lovely party was had by all. More snaps at



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27 08 2007
Last Friday at Dicksonbad

[…] boy! We knew its was fun, but The Kelly Gang tells it like it was… but where was the guy who plays the match […]

27 08 2007

Some of those photos are a bit blurry.


28 08 2007

For Zoe: Yers, actually quite a number of photos were a bit blurry! Most were culled – but we kept the art shots!! Just pretend it’s vaseline on the lens.

For Dicksonbad: Maybe it’s a little early in the morning, but the ‘guy who plays the the match’ reference is a tad cryptic for me…oh, hang on – were you looking for the post about HG Nelson and the CLAW trophy? Hold on to your hat, it’s coming!


28 08 2007

Oh wot a silly duffer I is!! It has been pointed out to me that the ‘guy who plays the match’ comment has nothing to do with HG Nelson at all!! It’s in fact a reference to Alain Resnais’ film ‘Last Year at Marienbad’ – the guy playing the match is a bloke playing a brainless game he couldn’t lose…
Thanks for the rescue! n(Ed)

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