The Anarchy Files: hard copy bloggin’


Leap blogging: (above) me-blogging-Nige-blogging-the-hard-blog, first chapter, second chapter, blog hole & cover-up, and the exposé. (Thanks Bridget for your kind assistance.)

Don’t it just warm the cockles of your heart when you finally catch a glimmer of anarchy lurking in the foyer of the art school. The arch conservatism that now abounds has had us all scratching our heads for some time – is it the Howard factor?/ is it the harsh reality of economic rationalism?/ is it the sedition frights?/ come on people, this is arts school for faff’s sake, what the hell happened to angst and bollocks? 

So frankly it’s a great relief to come across a nanosecond of scatological cage rattling. The phenomenon is now into its second week – we’ll let you know how/if it progresses…

Stop press: our spies have just informed us that the artists responsible for the petit frisson in the foyer are Liang Luscombe and Jessica Herrington. Good work, chaps, we’re damned proud.

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