Accent on the French

17 08 2007


Last night was Trish Roan’s opening at Alliance Francais (along with ceramicist Cristina Baratinskas-Goodman and painter Ian Robertson.) The usual mob came out of the woodwork, and a beeline was made to the bar – Alliance always turns on superior French tipple (mais, naturellement.)  And the cheese aint bad, neither. Not that we were partaking (the Gang’s on the perennial diet…)

Meanwhile Gordon Bull opened the show with customary panache, and Trish – shy as ever – did her best to inhabit the shadows, though we dragged her out for a photo op regardless. The work has a more cryptic than metaphysical edge this time around, with more of a pop feel (…if that makes any sense.) She shares a studio at ANCA with Charlie Sofo now – so there’s bound to be the odd stray tendril of influence, mutually inclusive (actually, I’d like to see a two-man/Trish and Charlie show sometime not too far down the distant track [note to Nigel.])

There wasn’t a lot of goss to be had around the room, except a whisper from Phil (Spellman) that he’s super-busy making work for several destinations at the moment – one of which being this year’s Sculpture By The Sea, of course and that it’s been such a bumper year that his accountant is extremely pleased with him. Gotta love that. And Timo had just arrived back from an opening of his own at JK Gallery in Thredbo. For everybody else it was merely business as usual.

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