Happy 50th birthday to me little bro…

15 08 2007


My little bro (below centre) turns the big 5-oh oh


Oh dear, oh dear – well, you know your salad days are truly done and dusted when your youngest sibling hits the golden milestone. It’s gunna be nothing but the twighlight zone full steam ahead from now on in, we reckon. Above is a postcard he sent from the Icehotel in Lapland – somewhere that the Gang really ought to go before we kick the (ice)bucket…

Meanwhile, lotsa big love and kisses Phil. Make ours a voddy….



3 responses

15 08 2007

Happy birthday, Phil. Hope your birthday’s as good as mine was…(um, that was a joke.) From here on in it doesn’t get any better, a bit like your golf game, ha ha. (Megs made me say that, sorry mate.) Practice up, buddy.
love Sam

15 08 2007

Hey Phil, Happy Birthday! Half a century, that’s pittance in cricket terms – you have a few more runs left in you yet! Have a good one
Lotsa love, Sammy-jo xx

19 08 2007

thanx – have been trying to avoid it but like everything else in life it catches up with you – raise a glass for me and love to all.

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