Postcard from The Glass Furnace in Turkey


(above) James demo-ing, Cappodocia, the Blue Mosque.

The Gang’s received a lovely picture postcard from our Seattle correspondent, the ever adorable James Minson, who’s only just returned home from his teaching gig at the Glass Furnace in Istanbul, via a stint at Penland, North Carolina.

(Note to self – simply must take a course in Istanbul sometime in the not too distant future.) What a great place to go and do glass…although he didn’t tell us if there was any water in the bleedin’ pool yet (apologies to Monty Python!)

The snaps make one want to jump on a plane immediately – and, of course, are a reminder that many of us do just that, as the pic of Melbournian/glassie Ede Horton attests…

And we’re really intrigued by the photo of James lampworking to the dervish – hope he got an image of the piece he was making at the time; a whirling dervish of the dervish, he reckons. We wanna see that.

More snaps at

and for anybody bitten by the travel/glass bug, check the Glass Furnace website at

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