Leader of the Free Glass World slips quietly into Canberra

25 07 2007


Last Sunday, enroute to the Jam in Adelaide after some well earned R&R in Parkes,  Deb Jones – the Leader of the Free Glass World – slipped quietly into Canberra for an informal Kitchen Caucus meeting with sundry members of the front bench. All manner of SOGgy (state of glass) subjects were touched upon, the most significant being ” your glass is empty, let me fill it.”

Above (from left to right): The Debster with the Speaker of the Officer Street House, Barb; The Ministry of the Paper Chase, Jane and Alby; Under-Secretary of Victualling, Kez; members of the (side)Board – Sammy, The Debster, Kez, Megsie and Jane.



2 responses

2 08 2007
Barbara McConchie

That leader of the free glass world is such a hot spunk, in fact she looks alot like someone else I know…..hmmm…could it be Lindsay Dunbar? Stay tuned

6 08 2007

It is often hard to know – the security forces run Lindsay as a decoy to confound the disruptive rat-bag-glass-terrorist element. This way the Debster can slip in and out of town without the neighbours being disrupted, or the hospitals having to cancel elective surgery while they switch to emergency stand-by. n(Ed)

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