Canberra Glass – it’s a dog’s life…


We’ve fielded so much speculation regarding the well-being of Krusty (ie had he ‘passed’, or worse, had we given him the mother of all short shrifts) that we thought it best to reassure everybody that he is still definitely with us. He retains his post as chief of  office security, and although 15 week old dispatch-trainee Lola may appear to have the advantage of size (and still growing!), that wily old doggy can more than hold his own when it comes to glass and office politics. Krusty would like to thank everybody for their concern and expressions of support.

2 thoughts on “Canberra Glass – it’s a dog’s life…

  1. Geez, I dont know Krust-you seem to be listing heavily, perhaps propped up by your sidekick. And your eyes have the look of one who is a bit stuffed (literally? Is this a “Boris- Yeltsin-is-not-really-dead-during-his-presidency-and-here-are-the-pics-to-prove-it” shot, or “101 uses for a doppelganger”?) I appreciate knowing that rumours of your demise have been greatly exaggerated though. Phew.

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