ANU IT gives world’s best service


Never let it be said that you can’t get good phone service these days – well, certainly not in-house at the ANU School of Art at any rate. On Tuesday morning (was that only yesterday?) I arrived at work to find my phone (and computer) out of order and so went to lassoo one of our eternally patient and cruelly overstretched IT guys. Simon was able to fix the computer almost immediately, but advised that I’d have to send an email fault notice through to DOI for the phone. This I did, fully resigned to the fact that it wouldn’t be high on the priority list, and therefore take a day or so…..

Well, shiver me timbers if six men didn’t march into the office not an hour later. Six, I tells you; a veritable crowd consisting of our two IT guys, the boss of the locally contracted telecommunications company, an expert from Sydney and a couple of ANU techies. I kid you not. Two of them immediately set up their laptops and got spanking on the diagnostics while everybody else avidly watched and pondered all manner of tele-technical hypotheses. Nigel and I were utterly flabbergasted. It was truly incredible.

And then, not twenty minutes later there came a further knock on the door – this time it was an entirely unconnected young chappie from DOI bearing a new phone ‘per the requisition order’. So now there were 7 blokes involved in the test fest. The expert from Sydders plugged in the new phone and I took off for lunch, leaving them all engaged in deep esoteric analysis. Sensational service or what? Bloody marvellous.

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