Kelly Alert: Gang strikes out at idiotic trend.


 What is going on?

When, but perhaps more importantly why, did glass artists start labelling their work ‘mouth blown’?

What are they thinking?

When we first came across this strange phenomenon in a catalogue we had a bit of a giggle and just dismissed it as the artist being a bit of a twit. But then we saw it again elsewhere…and yet again only this evening (we shan’t say where, to save the perps any more embarrassment than they’ve surely already brought upon themselves.) God forbid that it’s becoming a trend.

But who on earth could possibly imagine that it might be cool to describe one’s work as ‘mouth blown’? Has the general dumbing down of society brought us to this? Come on, people – how absolutely ridiculous. If you profess to be a studio glass artist then of course your bloody work is mouth blown. Jesus wept! I mean, what’s the alternative for faffs sake ? What…arse-blown? Nip it in the bud, for godsake, before it leads to lordy knows what sort of contorted practices…gawd! can you imagine that demo’d at the Glassworks!

(….well, yes, unfortunately we can.)

2 thoughts on “Kelly Alert: Gang strikes out at idiotic trend.

  1. I don’t know-from what I hear there is a lot of hot air blowing out from that end in some glass houses these days…maybe there IS a need to differentiate! Ew.

  2. Yers. Meanwhile did you read the Whale Sushi Blog? Hilari-arse. A link’s been added to the end of the ‘Forum’ post. You won’t want to miss it. n(Ed)

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