Hilary Crawford’s ‘little piece of sky’


There’s been a flurry of action to and fro across the cable waves between Adelaide and Canberra of late. Hils has been hard at it getting her work finished for an upcoming solo show at Chappell Gallery in New York, while Megsie was galloping up the home straight to finish the catalogue essay in time….

Meanwhile Hils had sent over heaps of material  (images, murrines, drawings, etcetera) to facilitate the creaky old mental processes – and now that everything is done and dusted we thought you might like a gander at the blowing process at least. We’ll post some finished work later, when the images come through.

The photo mosaic, available on the following link, was snapped by the lovely Gabriella Bisetto. Thanks, Gabs!!!

Hils’ bevy of happy helpers includes Dale Roberts, Mel Fraser and Nicole Ayliffe. 


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