ANCA’s aweigh


Above left Luna, and Jay Kochel’s leaden delights enjoyed by Chris and Diana Hare (right)

The ANCA Tenants Show, Intimacy in Public, opened on Saturday night (14th June) and the Gang dashed in full of serious intent only to be sabotaged once again by a recalcitrant camera. We barely managed to get off two decent shots before the damned thing took a death dive. Our utter desolation was soon ameliorated by the darling Wendy Meyen who willingly stepped in and took snaps on our behalf –  graciously suffering the ignominious circumstance of being dragged all about the place and shoved at various people…

Until Wendos sends the images through we can only post the original two….

Meanwhile it’s a great exhibition with lots of very diverse stuff – obviously, given the range of mediums.  But there’s something for everyone, even nanna. Check it out at ANCA Gallery, Dickson, until 22nd July.

 STOP THE PRESS!!  Wendos has just sent through the snaps. There aint loads of them, because her battery was on its last legs…ah, doesn’t matter!

Thanks Wendy.

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