Reflecting the International Calibre of Canberra Glass…



Much is made of the international standing and calibre of the Canberra glass scene and there has been rather a lot of speculation apropos the correlating status of the Kelly Gang – and, indeed, of the Glass Central Canberra blog itself.

So we deemed it high time to introduce a couple of members of the Gang, if only to demonstrate the genuine international diversity and impeccable pedigree of our willing team of keener -than-mustard volunteers:- 

Badger (above left), who has taken on the key role of  Publications Manager, comes from a rich multi-cultural (aka feral) background, whilst Dispatch-trainee Lola – the newest member of the office crew – hails from fine Germanic stock.

Having lured them into the fold with earnest reassurances that voluntary work is a great way to learn, support the arts, develop skills and meet new friends, both will receive special training and be eligible for benefits that say ‘thank you’ for being a member of the volunteer team.

Ain’t that grand?

4 thoughts on “Reflecting the International Calibre of Canberra Glass…

  1. Oh my god! What was I thinking? You mean that I’ve wasted all this time in well-paid employment when all along I could have worked in the arts for nothing? What special form of benefit do you ‘thank’ your hard working staff with precisely?

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