Greetings from the Arctic


We’ve just had an email from the lovely Lene Lunde, who’s been basking in the Midnight Sun (she got sunburnt working in the garden at about half past midnight!) The accompanying snaps reveal an arctic tan and her new backyard; the glorious, pristine environment of Prestvannet.

She’s at Tromsø, an island in Norway’s north – which we found from a Google search to be a bustling centre of ‘art, history, sophistication, good food and infamous nightlife’. Sounds pretty sweet – we’re looking forward to photos of the local delicacy, barbequed seal flipper (which we imagine must taste a little like charred wet dog.)

Anyhoo, Lene has recently had work selected for the Glass and Ceramic Triennale 2007, which you can squizz on the link below…

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