Following the frazzle-dazzle of the Glassworks opening, the Kelly Gang immediately decamped to Melbourne for a lovely week of R&R with no glass agenda whatsoever – yep, nada. Not one unctuous pressing-of-flesh moment to be witnessed (not that we make a habit of it at the best of times.) Missed catching up with the lovely Jules (please note that the only name-dropping this column will tolerate will be the dropping of surnames) but did manage lunch with Blanchie (who dryly observed that the last G(L)OSSIP post was clearly the work of a one-woman-Tom-Moore-fan-club!)  Well, we must confess that there certainly were an inordinate number of snaps of Tom, but this truly wasn’t intentional. The sad fact of the matter is that the photographer was so busy having such an enjoyable time that many of the photographs taken were way out of focus and therefore  unpublishable. Mea Culpa. And yes, before anyone mentions it, there were lots of shots of the Adelaide mob but, frankly, they are the guys (as always) who were the most fun to hang out with.

Arrived back in Canberra just in time to wave off Lene, who’s now left for Norway. We’ll miss her dreadfully, but at least we know that it’s only an au revoir. We’ve stuck in a photo (above) of one of her recent pieces, Matroyoshka Doll (2 in 1) and draw your attention to an article posted recently on Craft Victoria’s Craft Culture website….here


For more Lene Lunde images check the Beyond Kamberra (Kamberra Retrospective) file once it’s posted…

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